workshop unknown company

"The known is finite, the unknown infinite."

Workshop Unknown...

Although the name may at first sound obscure, there is deep meaning within this distinct signature.  

Workshop Unknown Company, a design and build concept company, was founded in 2010 by partners Shelby DeButts, Joel Holm, and Veronica Rodriguez. The idea behind the workshop was based upon their need as both artisans and designers to be able to explore, investigate, and develop design theories and solutions found within varying types of residential and commerical projects.  As there are many different ways to solve a problem, the concept of ‘Unknown’ stems from their belief in not wanting to limit their thinking to a single discipline, but to remain open-minded by taking on a multifaceted approach in working toward continuous improvement within the realm of architecture and design.

As a team, we all share a unified vision. We are always working collaboratively - whether it be with one another or with our clients. To be completely honest, there are times when innovation can sometimes be really tough...we aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel every time, but we’ve found that sharing a new perspective versus trying to create a new idea has somehow come to work well for us. We may try something even though it may not work, and this approach has allowed for better insight in moving us forward. Using positive reinforcement, we take what resonates and strive onwards towards creative growth.
— veronica, owner & co-founder

Made in Omaha

The company has translated these values into the localized production of custom developed products such as furniture & casegoods, unique millwork installations, and completely remodeled interior/exterior spaces through use of digital technology. The unyielding search for profound ideas has allowed them to maintain a fresh vision and the ability to grow and assimilate to new and everyday challenges within the built environment. Inspiration is drawn from contemporary art, youth culture, and the everyday way of life in Midwest Nebraska.

Style & Quality

The concept behind the company’s work is very simple. Their ideas are a combination of their own personal style, and a fusion of creative ingenuity drawn from their knowledge and background in art, architecture, and design.  A shared passion of creativity, and a strong commitment to expert craftsmanship is what resonates deeply to Workshop Unknown’s core philosophy. The team approaches design from a form meets function standpoint, but a firm belief in impeccable quality, and fine detail in creating a lasting worth is significant.